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Acura "By Design"

6 cars, 11 regions, 100+ spots, all in-camera. To capture the exhilarating performance of each of Acura’s 2018-2019 models within every major market, we custom-built an enormous LED stage and lit the whole thing up with striking design-driven environment projections we shot across the US.

I worked together with the Tigrelab creative team as a 3D Artist creating camera animations, and previsualization of each scene. Animations were later transferred to the motion control system for the live-action shooting.



Client: Acura
Production & VFX Company: Aggressive
Directed by: Aggressive
Directors/Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Executive Producer: Alexander Aab
Art Directors: Federico Gonzalez, Javier Pinto, Mathieu Felix
DP: Ross McLennan
Editor: Adam Thomson
LED Specialist: Brandon Epperson
Production Manager: Dustin Pownall
Production Designer: Geoff Flint
Production Supervisors: Colin Lewis, Rochelle Savory
Key Grip: Johnny London Jr
Location Unit DP : Sing Howe Yam
Location Unit AC : Jason Krangel
Location Scouts: Deren Getz, Chan Claggett, Dave Egan, Maria Roxas, Bo Svensson, Mary Walbridge, Christian Fechser
Drone Operators: Trinidad, Jose Ocejo, Andrew Terry, Mitch Worley
Lead Post Producer: Dustin Pownall
CG Supervisor RLX: Max Chelyadnikov
3D Animation RLX: Dmitriy Paukov
Rendering/Compositing RLX: Filipp Gorbachev
Colorist: Dave Hussey / Co3
Storyboard Artist: Mercer Boffey
Concept Artist: Michal Sawtyruk


Creative Directors: Mathieu Felix, Javier Pinto, Federico Gonzalez

VFX Supervisors: Federico Gonzalez, Carlos Navarro
VFX Lead & Compositor: Carlos Navarro
Design & Animation: Carlos Navarro, Albert Oriol, Daniel Avila, Hernan Scassa
Post Producers: Mery MPH, Daniela Borges, Maria Fernanda Diez, Camila Araujo
3D Modeling & Animation: Dan Garrote, Joan Molins, Dominic Plaza
2D & Compositing: Xevi Polo, Felipe Kenji, Mikel Calvo, Carlos Robles, Carlos Arandia, Daniel Gomez, Adrian Moran, Marc Blanch, Cristian Martin, Daniel Lores, Alessandro Neri, Anna Mejuto, Adrian J. Duran
Rotoscoping Artists : Isabel Pinheiro, Alberto Jimenez

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